Best fat burner for men & women – Weight loss solution 2019

Fat burner that can work! reality or just a myth? Today, we are not short of weight loss solutions. Like natural supplements, drugs, and pills are available to sort out the issue.

Almost every single of these pills claims to help in weight reduction.

No matter for which method you opt for their working is usually a combination of these 3 mechanisms.

  1. Decrease in the absorption process
  2. Speedy fat burning
  3. Decrease appetite

What is a Fat Burner?

Fat burners are basically supplements that show their weight loss potential via breaking down fat content.

Losing weight in an effective way without any sort of supplementation can be very tiring.

However, if you get a good fat burner as your companion, your problem has been resolved.

It is true, good fat burners never work alone; they do need the support of exercise, and a good diet that can complement their working performance.

Usually, when we talk about any good fat burner, it will include the traits of speedy metabolism, appetite suppression, and stimulation.

However, it is truly essential to learn the difference between a good fat burner and a bad one.

Fat Burner Side Effects

The issue of side effects is not just of fat burners. It is actually the issue of product that you are opting for.

With the presence of thousands of products certainly, it is hard to identify which products are the sketchy ones but for sure companies that are hiding their ingredients and composition are a complete NO.

To avoid unwanted side effects, and issues, it is better to stick with the natural fat burner that does not propose any sketchy or doubtful ingredients.

Do fat burners work?

Are you in search of fat burners that work?

Once you have chosen fat burner, use it for at least 2 to 3 weeks before you jump to the conclusions.

Once this 2 to 3 weeks period is over, start tracking the progress to evaluate, and learn how well you are moving toward your goal.

This evaluation can be in various different forms, such as taking body measurements, snaps from different angles, body fat measurements, or just take weighing scale as a proof that you are on the right track.

Early on, you cannot figure out if a product is helping you or taking a toll on you if you are not sure about your starting point.

Therefore, start the right way, and know where you want to reach to keep yourself motivated.

However, keep measuring your body or standing on a weighing scale often does not help you if you do it frequently.

Your overall weight is just a fraction of the whole story because during the weight loss how you feel, how you look, and how your workouts regimens are progressing matter too.

Keep in mind, most people react differently with different items. You cannot say if something has worked out for your friend or your colleague, it will work out for you too.

Hence, after a few weeks, if you are unable to witness any significant results, it is time to change the product.

Closely observe your progress, keep a nutrient-filled diet, and training that can suit your needs.

Fat burners are often considered some sort of magic potent, which can shed fat content in no time even when you are busy munching your junk food.

However, this is certainly not the case, no matter how hard it is for you to believe in it.

We are not asking you to stop believing in fat burners, they will surely let you shed excess weight in a quick succession but only when you work properly at the gym, and keep your eating habits in line.

It is tough to stay true to your eating habits or doing a workout that is mandatory-the more vigorously your workout, the more you will love to go after food but hang on, this is the point where you need to stay focus.

If you are after getting the right advantages from your selected fat burner supplement, it is crucial to be focused, and stick to your goal.

During the stored glycogen depletion, do not go for carbs indulgence.

Why do I need a fat burner?

It is indeed funny that we gain weight very easily but putting that off is not lesser than a true struggle.

Well, our bodies are programmed this way naturally to store fat content so it can survive during the times when we do not have any food resources.

Unfortunately, our body cannot stop this process.

So when you start reducing your calorie intake, your body gets this message that you do not have enough food to eat, and it further slows down your metabolic activity and it means slower fat burning too.

This is the place where fat burners come in, and they can really play a great role.

Not every fat burner will work as per your desire but there are some of the good options available, and this article has been designed to introduce you with those fat burning options.

Ingredients that you should look in a fat burner

1) L-Carnitine

It is a natural amino acid that often people use as a supplement or as a part of a supplement ingredient list. L-Carnitine has various important roles to play in the human body like delivering fatty acids into mitochondria of a cell.

It is important to remember that mitochondria work as engines in the body cells.

The human body can produce L-Carnitine through methionine, and lysine. But your body needs vitamin C in sufficient ratio to produce this vital amino acid category.

Moreover, it is also possible to gather L-Carnitine through the consumption of fish or meat whereas people who are vegetarians or suffering from any genetic issue will not be able to generate or obtain sufficient ratio of this essential amino acid.

Additionally, this amino acid is great for weight loss process, and it has a direct influence on brain functionality.

2) Phosphatidylserine

It is not easy to include Phosphatidylserine in your diet. Most of the food items do not have phosphatidylserine.

It is possible to formulate Phosphatidylserine contained supplements through vegetables, and animal sources.

Moreover, Phosphatidylserine is quite essential for the right functionality of cells. Its presence is common in the parts with higher metabolic activity. There are studies available that confirm its impact on physical and cognitive performance.

Initially, the researchers did not study it for weight control but later it was found to be useful in inhibiting weight gain especially when the cortisol levels are in check.

3) Caffeine

Caffeine is present in coffee. This caffeine is a common psychoactive substance around the globe.

Most of the supplements that claim to acquire fat burning properties have caffeine in them. Additionally, caffeine tends to have the power to mobilize fats and take it to the place where it can be effective for fast metabolism.

Caffeine has the tendency to trigger the nervous system. The nervous system is responsible for sending direct signals to the fat cells to decompose fat.

It happens to perform this role through elevating blood levels of epinephrine.

Epinephrine is also famous with the name of adrenaline. It is true that just the secretion of fatty acids in the blood is not something that supports you in losing weight unless you start torching more calories than you take in your diet.

This phenomenon is called a negative energy balance. It is easy to obtain a negative energy balance in two to three ways.

  1. Through eating less
  2. Burning more calories during exercise
  3. It is also possible to supplement with caffeine

Top Fat Burners 2019/ Top Fat burner options 2019

1. Leanbean

The very first product that we want to mention in this section is Leanbean.

There are several reasons to select Leanbean in this fat burners’ category. We are going to share one by one all the qualities with you.

Leanbean reviews

The formulation of Leanbean is pretty effective for cutting down the fat of the user’s body.

It is quite perfect for female athletes.

Accelerating metabolism is not a big deal but improving it in a safe manner is definitely important. Leanbean formula is designed to accelerate metabolism but in a safe fashion.

Moreover, this supplement has high fiber content, and that is why it has a tendency to help in curbing the cravings.

Additionally, the supplement carries the combo of vitamin B and turmeric that improves its support system for healthy estrogen levels.

If you are a female and a gym freak, this supplement will be apt for you because it lets you perform with elevated energy levels, and superb performance at the gym.

It contains ingredients that are tested, and they are not synthetic ingredients.

Furthermore, Leanbean is suitable for vegetarians. You can also avail discounts if you buy more than one boxes.


You can buy it only on its official website

All the ingredients are natural but they have a tendency to create issues people with allergies because most of the ingredients are stimulants, stimulants are good for health in most cases but in case of people with allergies, things can get worse.

If you are experiencing any abnormal or unusual issue during the use of this supplement, you need to consult your doctor to keep things in control.

Overall, this medicine is great but people with health problems need to be extra cautious.

2. Burnertek

Another addition to this list is BurnerTek.

The ingredients of BurnerTek are of high quality. The supplement is cost effective. All the components are natural, and no synthetic substance is present in the ingredient list.

burnertek reviews

Moreover, it just knows the right ways to suppress the appetite of the user. It does not contain any proprietary blend (it means consumers are aware of what they are putting in their mouth in form of this supplement).

Additionally, this supplement is great for boosting the level of confidence.

However, things are not so fairy tale here.

What does it mean?

Well, this supplement is great but not for every user. First of all, this supplement does not have enough reviews.

We agree that most of the users are happy with its use but still, to get a 5/5 score, BurnerTek needs a few more positive reviews in its pocket.

Moreover, you can buy this supplement only on its official site:

Not every user but some of the users have experienced these side effects.

It may cause difficulty in swallowing, anxiety, abnormal heart beating, jitters, bloating, nausea, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.

Again, it is not necessary that every user will experience these side effects but it is our duty to inform our valuable visitors the potential side effects.

So here is the list, you can discuss your case with your doctor before you opt for Burnertek.

3. Physique Series Fat Burner

Next in our list is Physique series fat burner.

This formula is free from any proprietary blend. This formula is capable of improving the fat burning ability of the human body.

Physique Series Fat Burner reviews
Physique Series Fat Burner

Additionally, it can prevent users from eating excessive food due to better control over cravings. It can better the focus, and energy level of the user.

Furthermore, this supplement does not contain any fillers or additives that could be harmful.

Side effects

The unnecessary extra amount of caffeine is present with excessive anti-stress elements that are good for releasing stress but they have no connection with fat burning.

Excessive presence of stimulants will just generate health issues like restlessness, insomnia, nausea, abnormal blood pressure, and muscle tremors.

It is also just available on its official site:

Best Fat burners that you should give a try!

1. Instant Knockout

It is important to mention a noteworthy supplement because this fat burner can provide qualities that you should expect in any great fat burner.

Instant knockout has healthy and natural ingredients in the most accurate quantity. It has great fat burning properties.

Instant Knockout reviews
Instant Knockout

Keep up the energy boost all day long.

Moreover, it is superb for increasing motivation. You can also expect craving suppression and improved stamina on its watch.

Instant knockout does not only contain “instant” in its name but it actually has the ability to bring instant results.

If you have ever felt lack of motivation in just the mid of your workout sessions, this is it, you need the boost of energy that instant knockout has to offer.

Furthermore, instant knockout customer reviews are great, and they are in satisfactory number. All in all, it is a great supplement for fat burning process.


You can get it only on the official site.

2. Phenq

PhenQ is the supplement that you have been waiting for. It has incredible benefits to offer to its consumers.

PhenQ is a simply amazing solution that has the potential to generate the right results.

Phenq reviews

It can actually deliver you the right boost of energy that you always wanted to carry but could not succeed in getting.

PhenQ burns fat like no other supplement does.

Elevates your metabolism, enlightens your mood and gives you an edge that you surely need when you are losing weight loss.

It has a great combination of effective ingredients, and some of its ingredients are as follows

Calcium carbonate, Nopal, caffeine, chromium, and Capsimax powder

Phenq does not let you experience sharp edgy feeling that is usually taking place for a short period of time. Short-lived effects cannot give you long-lasting results.

PhenQ can give you long-lasting and trustworthy outcomes.

PhenQ will let you experience better energy, and wakefulness that you most certainly need when you want to lose weight in an active, and effective way.


PhenQ has caffeine.

People, who have caffeine allergy, should avoid it. Fat burner without caffeine is not impossible.

Do search your options but 1 fat burner that can target your fat issues through different angles is certainly none other than PhenQ.

You can easily get PhenQ from the official site

This article was just a positive way to share with you useful information about top fat burners that can come in handy during the selection of the best fat burner on the market.

We love to share informative stuff, hope to guide you again till then Chao! 😉