Alpha Test Review – 10 Things That You Don’t Know About It

Alpha Test-Do you really need to take this product seriously?

Let’s find out!

When the muscle gaining process is going on, there is one particular hormone that has more significant value than any other hormone in the human body.

You know what! If you happen to think it is testosterone, you will undoubtedly be right because yes, it is!

When you happen to get sufficient sleep, and your diet is on the right path, your body produces good ratio testosterone.

However, for getting the desired look, you happen to work a little harder.

When we are talking testosterone boosters, there is a dime for a dozen! Alpha Test booster is another example.

Let us check it out how useful it can be for a user!f

Thing# 1

What Is Alpha Test?

The muscle-related industry is definitely booming at a great pace. Therefore, the interest of product manufacturing companies is quite understandable.

However, the user needs to be cautious when taking an interest in any product.

Alpha Test reviews
Alpha Test

The manufacturers claim that they reach just for the best ingredients (we will discuss that part later in the article).

Well, they have used this claim of components but did it work?

Thing# 2

According To The Company Claims

Alpha Test can be helpful for the following purposes.

  • It improves strength
  • It has the tendency to supercharge energy potent of the human body
  • Elevation of testosterone levels
  • A significant change in ATP

Thing# 3

How Does Alpha Test Work?

Alpha Test has compounds in its ingredient list that is natural and some clinical backup to prove their significance. Their (ingredients) importance on testosterone levels in men is the point.

Moreover, it has been proven through various studies that these ingredients work well on testosterone levels.

However, if you are after muscle building, the possible way for it will be to do something for your anabolic hormone.

Visiting a doctor and get something as a subscription is also possible; particularly things like synthetic injections, testosterone gels, etc. the situation is not tension-free still because these substances could lead to potential side effects.

The thing is getting a natural testosterone booster much easier. Frankly speaking, we do not think Alpha Test is the choice that you are looking for!

Why we are passing such remarks because the potency level is not up to the mark and this is one point urge you to check out other testosterone booster reviews before you set your mind to buy this one.

Thing# 4

Alpha Test Ingredients

This supplement has a variety of herbs and minerals that carry potential to boost testosterone in the right way.

Since this product carries all the natural ingredients, so the probability for any Alpha Test booster side effects drops down to zero level. However, it is not equivalent to effectiveness.

But, yes, it is a much safer option as compared to the consumption of anabolic steroids.

Alpha test ingredients

These are the ingredients that are present in the Alpha Test Ingredient listing.

  • Broccoli
  • Zinc
  • Shilajit Extract (PrimaVie)
  • Fenugreek Extract
  • Tribulus Extract
  • Boron Citrate

1) Boron

It has a variety of functions to offer in the human body. Its effectiveness has been proven through numerous clinical studies.

According to a study, when the adequate ratio is there, it has the tendency to increase testosterone levels up to 28.3% in an average male. Another study indicates that just 10mg/ daily Boron consumption for a month can set test level trend upward by 11.4%.

Moreover, Boron can impact Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). SHBG is a protein that is present in blood, and its basic role is to adhere to sex hormones and can interfere.

Thus, no matter even when you right test levels, SHBG does not let you utilize it properly.

The good part is Boron can control SHBG in the blood; letting Testosterone performs its key roles.

This is the very reason that even within a week; Boron usage can bring a sudden increase in T levels.

Moreover, Boron cannot only increase testosterone levels, but it can also decrease estrogen. This estrogen reduction happens to a significant extent. However, the impact may not be sustainable or for a more extended time.

There is a twist as well because another study has revealed that Boron has the tendency to increase estrogen levels if taken in the large ratio.

Therefore, excessive use of Boron is not suggestible either.

2) Tribulus Terrestris

Traditionally, Tribulus Terrestris is a herb. It has been quite common in Ayurveda medicine.

The primary use of this herb has been for health, virility and sexual wellness.

When it is about supplements on the ground of herbs, Tribulus Terrestris was the first herb in that category. It was undoubtedly famous in the past, but after a few more clinical studies, irrelevancy point has also come forward.

Furthermore, it is not an expensive herb. Most of the people who happen to include this herb in their lifestyle advocate that it improves testosterone in the human body.

Thus, it has a direct impact on muscle gaining and strength.

Other than these uses, Tribulus Terrestris does not serve any other purpose.

3) Broccoli

Cruciferous veggies are pretty good for inhibiting estrogen. Broccoli is one of the cruciferous vegetables. Moreover, Broccoli has phytochemicals, and they most importantly work for blocking estrogen formation.

There is a number of methods to include Cruciferous vegetables in your diet.

4) Fenugreek

Fenugreek is nothing new to this world because it has been present in traditional medicines for hundreds of years.

Additionally, now it is quite trendy for boosting T levels. There is a strong background behind it.

As per a study, fenugreek has a tendency to decline glucose levels in the blood. The salient point is it is not the only study that gives this kind of confirmations.

Proper regulation of blood sugar leads the human body to form less insulin. This is pretty effective because insulin has a tendency to interfere with testosterone formation.

Dropping down insulin through different support systems actually gives Testosterone proper conditions to rise to the optimum levels.

It has numerous benefits to offer like decrease body fat content, improving libido, and declining bad cholesterol levels.

Thus, having Fenugreek is surely a yes.

5) Zinc

Zinc is a great addition in any best testosterone booster supplement, and Alpha Test has no exception to this point.

It is one of the reliable minerals, and it can easily be part of numerous chemical reactions in the human body. Well, it is essential for encouraging the Luteinizing Hormone.

This hormone is a precursor for testosterone formation and human growth hormone. You can understand by seeing it this way that increases in muscle size and improvement in T levels is possible with it.

However, Alpha Test does not include Zinc to its upper limit.

6) Shilajit Extract

This mineral compound is full of a variety of minerals.

Somewhere 85+ minerals are present in this single ingredient. It is originally from the Himalayas.

This has been a common part of Indian medicines.

It has the potential to increase free T levels up to 19%, according to research.

However, the study was from a company, and other studies do not 100% confirm the results of the previously mentioned study.

Therefore, to believe in this ingredient wonders completely some studies are necessary.

Thing# 5


Benefits of Alpha Test

1) No Proprietary Blends

One noteworthy point in any supplement shows the actual ratio of its ingredients. This quality in any supplement is important because this way you can be sure what exactly you are putting in your mouth.

Plus the dose will also be more precise when you know the exact ratio. When the ratio is lesser than the requirement, it will not give you the right benefits whereas overdose or excessive ratio can fetch side effects which no one desire in their right mind set.

2) Effective Ingredients

Fenugreek and boron are the ingredients that you can actually count on as both of these ingredients know their job well. Zinc another great addition but its ratio is not what it should be in this supplement.

3) Reasonable Price

Here is the deal, just in $25, you can get a month supply (now this is a good bargain). Even though we are not saying; it is the best possible formula, all we are trying to convey here is something is better than nothing.

Alpha test does have properties to offer. Therefore, who are on tight budget and cannot afford good testosterone brands can at least give it a shot.


1) Incomplete Research Section

Most of the ingredients need some more research like Shilajit to prove its authenticity. It is nothing less than a disappointment to see Muscle Tech kind of company without any proper research launching a formula although they claim their formula to be fully backed by clinical studies.

2) Missing Some Of The Essential Compounds

For an effecting Test boost, just the presence of Fenugreek, Boron, and Zinc is not enough. The company should have come with some more powerful ingredients. Like (DAA) D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D3 and Magnesium are missing from Alpha Test list. They are quite powerful ingredients, so their presence improves a product’s reputation and quality.

3) Serving Schedule

Serving timing also plays a crucial role when it comes to the effectiveness of a product. Irrelevant dosage timing can damage the graph of benefits big time.

Thing# 6

How To Consume?

The company advises to consume 4 tablets per day, and the user should not exceed the dosage.

Two times a day, you can consume these tablets with water.

Thing# 7

Are There Any Side Effects In Alpha Test?

Because all the compounds are natural in the composition, therefore, you are not likely to face any side effects.

Moreover, the users have not reported any major side effect yet, which is a good thing. Alpha Test does not contain any proprietary blends either.

5 alpha test side effects??? No, this product does not cause any!

Thing# 8

Where To Buy Alpha Test?

You can get Alpha Test through multiple platforms. The official allows some other platforms to sell it.

Buy Muscletech Alpha Test

You can get Alpha Test booster on (official site),, and

Thing# 9

What Is The Price Range?

On, it is available at the price of $18.90 (120 capsules per bottle)

Thing# 10

Customer Reviews

I have used various products but Alpha Test. Pathetic seriously a total waste of money and time.

I have used it for almost 2 months, but no significant change it has brought in my muscle strength, stamina, energy and anything else except it leads my skin to acne problem.

Before its use, I used to have a healthy skin type without any acne problem, but after its use, I got this issue. If you ask me about my diet so folks my diet is clean and I do not use things that can damage my skin.

All I am saying is this supplement is not worth your money and time because Alpha Test Walmart is in just $9 and at or some other platforms, its price is still $19-$20.

You can understand the reason behind such a drastic fluctuation.

John R. Shane

Alpha Test, hell yes. I am using it, and it has superb results to offer (in my mid-40s).

I used to have very low energy levels and after office; used to feel drained out! Meanwhile, my weight was also a big problem.

I was not able to lose it. But as soon as I used this product things change dramatically and I got what I really want, it means my energy levels, my weight on track because my Ts were on the right level.

However, when you go for this supplement, I suggest you check with your doctor because different people have different medical conditions.

As a customer, for me, Alpha Test is nothing less than a companion.

Robert K. Miller

I started Alpha Test with the expectations of improving my workout sessions, but I had no idea that it would work well for my life’s other areas too.

Seriously, it enhanced my libido, my mood, energy, stamina, and my muscular strength. I am 52, but it does not feel anymore to be in the 50s.

Now, this is a great experience. Take twice your supplement, and you have these kinds of benefits. I guess; it is pretty amazing.

I totally like this macho feeling without getting any hardship.

Peter T. Watson

After using Alpha Test for a few weeks, I can tell it is a good product.

Notably, for people like me who are not crazy to spend hundreds of dollars on stupid supplements or if you have a budget to maintain.

I go to the gym regularly, and to betterment in my progress, I started this product because of the low rates I did not expect much from it and up till now it has been the way I expected it to be.

For me, taking it two times a day is not possible, but I try to do it anyway. If you are not good with medicine schedules like me, I advise you to set the alarm so you will not miss your dose.

Rishab Kothari

Final Verdict

Overall rating of Alpha Test is 3 out of 5 stars. You can also take it as an average testosterone booster.

There is no doubt that the presence of Fenugreek, Zinc, and Tribulus make it a great product.

However, improving formula with some more powerful ingredients will not harm this product, but it will serve best.

Moreover, some of the components are present in high concentration whereas some of the ingredients are not present in sufficient ratio.

Recommending Alpha Test is not fruitful when already some good products are available that can easily give tough time to products like Alpha Test.

In particular, we are talking about Testogen and Testo max.

You can get a short intro of both the products down below.

1) Testogen

When you are choosing Testogen, one thing is present there, and it is the fact that A natural testosterone booster you are dealing with.

Testogen has all the natural ingredients and compounds that can actually deliver the results with the right effects and super accurate ratio.

When you get old and testosterone levels on a decline, Testogen will be the right mate that you are looking for!

Because just like any top notch testosterone booster, Testogen has the following traits to offer

  • No more tiredness, say bye-bye to tiredness
  • Superb stamina
  • Reverse in poor libido; better libido is a sure yes
  • No more irritability
  • Excellent focus and no more issue of lack of concentration
  • Torching excess body fat
  • Cool muscle size that can let you be macho that you always wanted to be
  • Improve strength

2) Testo Max

Testosterone is nothing less than a Godfather for bodybuilders. It is actually the origin of anabolic steroids.

Testo Max naturally improves testosterone levels, and it knows how to do it in a subtle yet most effective way possible.

When you are using Testo max, you cannot go wrong because it has ingredients that are natural testosterone boosters.

Therefore, Testo Max levels up your game and let you have

  • Humongous muscle gains
  • Wow strength and stamina
  • Quick results
  • Superfast recovery timings
  • No needles as you take it orally
  • No prescription due to its natural composition
  • Great chance to improve your sex drive
  • A legal way to consume Sustanon alternative

We are glad to deliver this Alpha Test Review to you!

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