Ageless Male Reviews – The True Facts are at your Disposal

Ageless male is a popular brand but does it really worth your money or time that you are going to spend consuming it?

Let’s find out!

What do you need to know about Testosterone boosters?

Do you have any idea about the scope of testosterone booster industry?

No, well then you will be pretty amazed to learn that testosterone boosters industry worth around $ 5 billion every year and this figure is ever increasing!

Involvement of this much cash asks for the shady companies to jump in and unfortunately, this fact has no exception for testosterone industry.

Thus, it is crucial for you to learn about the product that you are willing to invest in!

We are trying to help you folks through the series of these articles so you can decide better!

But before we are starting unwrapping ageless male factors, it will be a pretty good idea to give you a little background information if you are a total beginner so you can get along well with this post and can understand the facts and figures like a pro.

What does it looks like to have low testosterone levels?

Any figure under below 300 nanograms per deciliter.

Sounds difficult?

Let us simplify!

A young 20-year-old boy will have three times more testosterone as compared to a sixty-year-old.

As soon as you hit the age 30, your testosterone levels start diminishing up to 1 to 2 % per year, and this 300 ng/ dl ratio is quite common in people who are around 45.

This is an obvious example and justification that why on earth approximately eighteen million American men between the age group 40 and 60 opt for testosterone boosters of different varieties.


Average male experiences the signs of low testosterone at the age of 45, but in a few instances, even people as young as 21 can suffer from the issue of low testosterone.

What is testosterone?

Well, it is a hormone that the human body produces and it is present in the male and female body as well.

A lot of people have this conception that it is something that is important just for a male body, but indeed the things are another way around because it also has a crucial role to play in a female body.

For a human body, different hormones are essential because these hormones are the molecules that work as a message transporter.

They are present in the blood and take the message to the targeted cells.

Moreover, these hormones do affect the relevant cells, and that is why their right ratio is quite pivotal.

Furthermore, in a male body, testosterone has a variety of roles to play; such as deepening of the voice, the growth of muscles, the better structure of bones, and growth of body hair, etc.

Even it has a vital role to play in the male’s fertility.

Naturally, a male body carries a higher percentage of this essential hormone than a female body.

One key role that it plays in both the genders is the growth of muscles, their regulation and even it has a role to play in weight maintenance.

What is Ageless Male?

Ageless Male is a testosterone booster that the company claims have a potential to improve the energy levels and libido.

Ageless Male Reviews
Ageless Male

Moreover, the company also claims that it can better the endurance level of the user and can help them to become a better version of themselves.

Additionally, it can take part in the formation of T hormone.

According to the company it has just the natural ingredients, and it is a fast acting supplement.

Ageless Male Ingredients

These are the components that you will be noticing in the composition of Ageless Male.

  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B6
  • Magnesium
  • Fenugreek Seed Extract

1) Vitamin B6

It plays a significant role in improving blood flow, elevation of energy and the formation of natural testosterone in the human body.

B6 is water soluble, and that is the main reason that the human body is unable to store it.

Therefore, its daily consumption is a must.

Deficiency of Vitamin B6 tends to generate various health issues, such as memory loss; acne; nerve damage; lung cancer; decrease T levels.

Earlier, there was a misconception that in West people are not much Vitamin B6 deficient but later, studies have confirmed the reality.

Moreover, as your body ages, you require more of this vitamin because lack of this essential vitamin will not let your brain work properly and thus, your mind will not be able to regulate the right balance of hormones in your body.

To cut a long story short, having right ratios of vitamin B6 in your daily life is a must.

2) Zinc

When we are talking about vital dietary minerals, we are bound to talk about zinc too because you need it for some of the most basic functions of your body.

The functions like cell division or the immune system, you need zinc.

Furthermore, zinc aids the body enzymes to decompose food and other essential nutrients.

It has a vital role to perform in enzymes that are associated with developing proteins.

It is also present in certain food items, but its supplementation is also another option if you are not able to fulfill its daily values.

When you have a zinc deficiency, things can get a little scary because it has the tendency to be responsible for testosterone deficiency.

How zinc impacts low t levels is still a mystery, but yes, it does have an effect on the cells of testes where the production of testosterone takes place.

3) Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the numerous elements that can lead to low levels of T hormone just because of their deficiency.

Well, this mineral is not just necessary for T levels, but it also has various other roles to play in a human body.

In short, it is excellent for a healthy state of the body.

Moreover, magnesium is part of more than one food items, but as per the observation of Maryland University Medical Center, most of the Americans do not have sufficient magnesium in their food that they consume.

Another clinical study in 2011 describes that magnesium can play a significant role in the testosterone production and this study further tells that magnesium is not only good for those who already have a good routine to follow like athletes and professionals but even normal or average people can also get the benefits from it.

4) Fenugreek Seeds Extract

Fenugreek is a herb that has the origins from Western Asia and Southern Europe.

It tends to improve the libido in the consumer as it increases Testosterone levels.

Moreover, it does have an impact on the release of insulin because it improves the release of insulin and that can make later better the mass muscle ratio.

The natural testosterone is the priority instead of a pharmaceutical form of testosterone that is nothing but a synthetic version to treat severe illnesses.

Bottom Line: if you are willing to add fenugreek to your diet through supplementation so a product that contains 500 to 600 milligrams fenugreek extract should be your target.

However, some studies present conflicting results.

What is the working principle of Ageless Male?

Ageless Male performs in different dimensions.

According to the company Ageless Male performance goes like this

It works through providing male hormone to the body, and it works as a natural adaptogen in the human body.

The real picture is another way around, all these things seem to work in sync, but as long as the theory goes but, in reality, there are doubts present about the effectiveness of this product.

What are the Ageless Male benefits?

These are some of the Ageless Male benefits as per the company claim.

  • Better strength
  • Good mass ratio
  • It tends to improve vitality
  • Better sleep
  • No more mood swings
  • Better sex drive and body functions relevant to this will also work better
  • The product contains potentially good ingredients
  • The price range is reasonable
  • It has a 30-day money back guarantee

What are the disadvantages or cons of Ageless Male?

These are some of the disadvantages or drawbacks that you are likely to encounter when you are using Ageless Male

  • No samples are available
  • In aged fellows, the fluctuation of hormones can lead to the issue of prostate
  • A longer duration needed to see any significant changes
  • There are reviews present on Amazon that this product is not as effective as the company happens to claim it
  • The product is more useful for developing sexual desires somewhat affecting the muscle building process so it may not work up to the expectation of some potential customers
  • All these ingredients are right but to some extent, as there are some other studies available that contradict and claims these ingredients less effective for T hormone production
Customer Reviews

When I first started using it, it was because of the presence of Fenugreek (Testofen).

I did get the benefits that I could due to better testosterone like increased libido and oily skin as a negative impact due to more free t hormone in my blood was rushing.

After a year of use, the effects are much lesser now.

If you ask me honestly to review this product concerning money value, I think the benefits are not up to the price that you are paying, but yes, something even in the half of Ageless male cost will be just okay, not too good or too bad just okay.

Joel T. Adams

Wooo, worth trying. Loved it. I was a little suspicious at first, but as soon as I began taking it, the results got more visible dude.

Simply an awesome experience.

I would love to suggest people go for it. I did notice muscle growth; I did notice heightened energy levels.

Such people like me who are crazy about energy and strength can for sure try Ageless male.

I am 30, and I can work like a 25, I mean extensive work without feeling much sluggish and I am ever ready to help my girl in her chores, and things are pretty set.

Joseph D. Lee

Nope, results are not up to the expectation.

A little energy change, nothing much surprising or worth noticing whatever. Nothing changes much between my relationship with my partner as I was expecting things to get a little on the uphill side.

If you keen to learn more, it will taste more as oatmeal than some sort of chemical or greasy item to start with. I did not get any remarkable stamina either that I was at least expecting.

I am not entirely blaming the product, I was behaving like a lazy soul but this product did not help either and no elevation in mood or my strengths to call it a good product.

Moral of the story: I dumped my money

Brian K. Rivera

I was diagnosed with Testosterone deficient at the age of 43.

My doctor suggested going for food supplementation as I have been a busy man; it has not been easy for me to balance my diet as per the requirement, so I thought to give testosterone supplementation a try.

I am just trying to make one point here that using testosterone boosters is not something new to me but now and then I change the product to get the most out of my money.

I have tried Ageless Male. It is average, neither bad nor good but just lovely addition.

In my opinion, other supplements like “Testo max, Testogen or trooper from marine muscles” are some of the mentioned worthy items.

Charles R. Hanna

Where to buy Ageless Male?

Are these possible?

  • Ageless Male Walmart
  • Ageless Male Walgreens
  • Ageless Male GNC
  • Ageless Male Amazon

Well, yes, you can get it from its official site (New vitality), from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Walgreens or any other trustworthy online platforms but the only thing that matters is the price range.

Ageless Male price can be as low as $26.98, and it can be as high as $49.95.

It is more from where you are buying it and less about anything else.

One more thing, this much fluctuation in price also asks you to question its quality because one standard product cannot be available at various price options.

So Ageless male cost you can check on different platforms instead of noting it down from one place only.

How to take Ageless Male?

You should be consuming just two capsules per day. You have to take the dose on a regular basis (it means daily) to see the desired results.

Well, it is a rational decision to talk to your doctor before you start consuming it and it gets even more critical if you are already suffering from a severe medical condition.

Final Verdict

Ageless Male producers have made numerous claims, but their product is not eligible to fulfill all their demands or promises.

It is not like that the product is useless because there are testimonials who believe it to be a worthy product but neglecting negative feedback is not rational.

Therefore, we can say that the ageless male has a potential to improve some of the problematic areas and different users can experience different results.

However, expecting muscles, positive change in libido, better energy and all the other stuff that the company claims to be present in this one product is nothing but a way to give yourself a false hope.

Best Alternative or Testosterone booster that works naturally

Due to prominent money involvement the market is full of fake or scammy testosterone boosters, but the good point is still here are a few products that work brilliantly like Testogen.

Testogen reviews

It is a great product to start with

Why Testogen?

Testogen has every quality to offer that you can ask in any suitable and reliable testosterone booster.

The formula is super because it is with innovation and advancement.

These are the qualities that you can expect when you are using Testogen.

  • Improved sex drive
  • Strength and muscles those are impressive
  • Scientific backup to explain the logic behind selecting these ingredients
  • The entirely natural boost in testosterone formation

Who should not use Testogen?

  • People who are under 18, you are fine without any test booster, buddy
  • If you already have high levels of T levels
  • If you are using steroids